Energy certificate

Nowadays, owing to aspirations to reduce costs and follow an environmentally friendly attitude, energy saving has come to the focus of attention in architecture, as well. The energy consumption of any building is best described by the energy certificate. Our company is also involved in the issuance of energy certificates.

Technical supervision

Thorough technical supervision is essential to see the projected investment implemented in conformance to the relevant architectural requirements and technical plans. Our company’s technical supervisors perform their tasks with precision and experience in order to eliminate any problem in a timely manner.

Responsible technical management

In the course of the realization of a construction work, the role of responsible technical management is crucial in giving coordination to work processes. ADDOR Kft’s experts acting for responsible technical management are in possession of extensive professional experience, and therefore they can efficiently align the individual processes, phases of construction.

Why to choose us?

Addor Mérnöki és Tanácsadó Kft. has more than ten years of experience in the field of civil engineering. Our technical supervisors and experts of technical management have contributed to such large projects as the construction of the Tesco in Tolna, Porsche car dealership or the logistic centers in Üllő.

Our goal is to preserve our professional immaculacy and serve the interests of our customers towards long-term cooperation. Trust us in your engineering and construction appointments, and we are ready to offer comprehensive solutions.

When selling a real-estate property or if any newly built property is concerned, an energy certificate has to be obtained. We undertake to make the complex energy-related assessment of apartments, family homes, offices and other buildings alongside the analysis of energy expenses. Besides, our consultants make proposals for energy-efficient conversions where the payback period is also calculated. As a result, at the time of any property acquisition it will be instantly known what reconstruction or reconditioning works are worth commencing to cut costs.

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