About us

ADDOR Mérnöki és Tanácsadó Kft. was founded in 2003 with the purpose of rendering complex engineering services in the professional field of real-estate property investment and civil engineering. During the years since its foundation, our company has earned considerable market recognition and professional reputation in the area of the comprehensive management and technical supervision of construction projects, which is clearly reflected in a number of high-prestige reference works.

Pursuant to the requirements set out in the regulations of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers (MMK), our professional authorities extend to:

  • Investment agent – BB
  • Technical supervisor – ME-É, ME-M, ME-KÉ
  • Responsible technical manager – MV-É, MV-M
  • Energy certification agent – TÉ

In addition to our high level of professionalism, our achievements are owing to our commitment to our Clients’ interests, the preservation of the immaculacy of our trade and long-term partnering cooperation. We endeavour to realize all of our Clients’ investments in due time, with the highest possible level success and in outstanding quality.

If beyond services you are in quest of a reliable partner that is dedicated to the profession and the interests of Clients in offering comprehensive solutions for engineering and construction challenges, we are there to assist you!

Please just have a brief overview of our reference works – we truly think that they speak for themselves –, and consult us at any of our addresses so that we can meet in person to discuss your demands.

Energy certificate

Nowadays, owing to aspirations to reduce costs and follow an environmentally friendly attitude, energy saving has come to the focus of attention in architecture, as well. The energy consumption of any building is best described by the energy certificate. Our company is also involved in the issuance of energy certificates.

Technical supervision

Thorough technical supervision is essential to see the projected investment implemented in conformance to the relevant architectural requirements and technical plans. Our company’s technical supervisors perform their tasks with precision and experience in order to eliminate any problem in a timely manner.

Responsible technical management

In the course of the realization of a construction work, the role of responsible technical management is crucial in giving coordination to work processes. ADDOR Kft’s experts acting for responsible technical management are in possession of extensive professional experience, and therefore they can efficiently align the individual processes, phases of construction.


Energy certificate, technical supervision, responsible technical management with expertise