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Energy certification services, energy certificates:

The energy demand of the operation of a building can be the best characterized by means of an energy certificate. The energy certificate shows the electric power and heat consumption of the real-estate property concerned, and based on the obtained values the building can be categorized in the appropriate energy class. Obviously, our company also performs energy certification services, i.e. the preparation of energy certificates.

Why is an energy certificate necessary?

With the use of the energy certificate, precise information can be established in relation to energy consumption, and consequently the maintenance costs of buildings. As a result, every property owner should be interested in obtaining an energy certificate that carries the best possible classification for the real-estate property, as it increases the market value of the property.
Pursuant to Government Decree 176/2008 (June 30) on the certification of the energy-related characteristics of buildings since 1 January 2012 there has been a statutory requirement to obtain an energy certificate for each newly constructed real-estate property, as well as for the selling of real-estate properties and properly lease transactions for terms over 1 year.

Complex energy-related assessment of apartments, family homes, offices and other buildings alongside the analysis of energy expenses, and additionally the elaboration of proposals for more cost-efficient conversion with the calculation of payback times: ADDOR – preparation of energy certificates with expertise.

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When is it not necessary to obtain an energy certificate for the real-estate property?

It is not required to have an energy certificate prepared when the useful floor space of the building is smaller than 50 sq m, or it is constructed for less than 4 months of use annually, or the building has religious function, it has been declared to be protected under law, or it features a heat gain over 20 W/sq m due to any inherent technology (e.g. solar panel system). Furthermore, there is no need for an energy certificate in relation to various tent structures.

How long is an energy certificate valid?

By default, an energy certificate is for 10 years. Whenever there is any kind of changes influencing the energy consumption of the building (e.g. insulation, heating modernization, etc.), it it recommended to have the energy certificate prepared again, because it improves the classification of the real-estate property and increases its market value.

Potential energy classes listed in an energy certificate:

Energy certificates also include a heading for recommendations, which the certifying agent is required to complete for all the buildings belonging to any category that is worse than energy class C. The recommendation describes the proposed investment works for the achievement of better energy classification, such as the replacement of doors and windows, facade insulation, etc.

What are necessary for the issuance of any energy certificate?

The layout plan of the real-estate property, the declaration of the responsible technical manager and any document connected with modernization works. If not all the necessary data are available, or the documentation is incomplete, and therefore they have to be provided in a follow-up manner, the preparation of the energy certificate demands more time.