An overview of our services

Consultant engineering activities

All the engineering activities required for the implementation of construction projects – including all the phases of planning and design, permitting procedures, the tendering of construction agents, onsite supervision during the period of construction and the term of guarantee.

Consulting services for planning

Contribution to planning processes already under way. Professional counseling with respect to cost savings, implementation and operation.

Organization of investments

    Engineering activities for the implementation of construction projects, including the evaluation of plans, the tendering of construction agents, supervision during the period of construction and the term of guarantee.

Representation of investors

    Representation activities of various depths in relation to the technical subtasks defined by the Investor to ensure the presence of the Investor during implementation, as well as consultation and supervision at the construction site.

Compilation of bills of quantities

    Preparation of itemized, unpriced bills of quantities in possession of the existing plan documentation. It facilitates the announcement of tenders for prospective construction agents, as well as the preparation of comparative price lists for the Client.

Preparation of investment and construction schedules

    Scheduling for the timely progress of the implementation of investments. The times when the Client’s decisions need to be made are specified with the key partial deadlines.

Making arrangements for and implementation of tender negotiations

    Compilation of the list of companies to be invited to the tender for construction agents. Compilation of the tender documentations and the draft construction contract. Implementation of tender negotiations, preparation of detailed, comparative price lists, presentation of information for decision-making to Clients.

Preparation of construction contracts

    Detailed elaboration of the contents of construction contracts in view of the Clients’ interests.

Responsible technical management

    Comprehensive professional supervision of construction works, technical and organizational coordination of various specialized fields.

Technical supervision

    Technical supervision in line with the relevant requirements of Hungarian standards, application of test methodologies defined in the light of the guidelines of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers. Regular activities throughout the period of construction.

Cost analysis

    Determination of the anticipated costs of the construction project in various phases of the construction works. Making proposals for cost reduction, recommendation of equivalent technical alternatives.

Technical consulting services

    Professional consulting services in relation to problems associated with the specialized fields of our engineers. Participation in onsite consultations as demanded.

Energy audit

    Complex energy-related assessment of buildings, apartments, analysis of energy costs, preparation of energy certificates. Cost analysis, making proposals for the construction of cost-efficient systems, calculation of payback times.